The treasure of Hera Lacinia

In the framework of the SIRCOM project, promoted by University of Calabria and  Cultura&Innovazione , we have been involved in the 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of 9 votive objects coming from the archaeological site of Capo Colonna . This site holds the remains of a sanctuary dedicated to Hera Lacinia, in particular those of a large Doric temple (Temple A) and a Thesaurus (Temple B), a place where the gifts to the Gods were actually stored. Among these objects, held at the Museum of Kroton and the Museum of Capo Colonna, there is a very valuable golden diadem. 3D Reseach has published a video to contextualize the objects and to give an idea of the size and the appearance of the two large temples, of which only a few traces can be found today.
Region of CalabriaCulture&Innovation
Region of Calabria
Capo Colonna (KR)Calabria
Capo Colonna (KR)
Multimedia Exhibit
Multimedia Exhibit
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Archeologia della Calabria

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