Abbiamo ricevuto diverse segnalazioni riguardo un e-commerce ( che riporta i nostri dati. Si tratta di una truffa che abbiamo già segnalato alle autorità competenti. Vi invitiamo a non effettuare acquisti, poiché la 3D RESEARCH SRL NON EFFETTUA VENDITE ONLINE.



In 2008, a group of young researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, get together to try to take their know-how and experience out from the academic field. The spin-off they founded had the aim to apply the results of technological research in more traditional fields that, until that moment, still hadn’t known a real innovation. From then, the 3D Research has grown up, changing from a little spin-off to a concrete company, an active and various reality where young professionals can nurture their interests and ideas, and find professional satisfaction without emigrating from their region.


That is, TECHNOLOGY FOR EXPERIENCE, but also something YOU CAN EXPERIENCE. Because that is our goal: to develop “living” and versatile technologies, able to improve, to make ever simpler, intuitive and efficient our way of exploring the world around us. Technology allows us to take a closer look on things, to live them, to understand their significance and, above all, their value, especially if we think to the memories of our past, be they a monument, an archaeological find or a wreck lying 30 meters deep on the seabed.


The multidisciplinary approach is a distinguishing trait of our team, which includes a number of professionals, each one with his/her own background and able to adapt these skills for working on diverse projects, with different goals and targets: three computer scientists, a computer engineer, two designers and archaeologists, one electronic engineer, two mechanical engineers and an architect. The company's soul, however, lies in its founding members, who include two university professors, our strongest link with the world of academic research.









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