The mission of MeDryDive projet is to create and offer personalized CCI (Cultural and Creative Industry) apps (dry apps, AR apps, serious games, videos) that enrich experience of tourists (both divers and non-divers) and stimulate their interest on Med/EU Underwater Heritage and diving (potentially). In accordance to COS-TOURCCI-2017-3-03, MeDryDive integrates ICT/CCI applications into the development of new transnational thematic tourism product called “Dive in the Past”. Firstly applied in the Med, it would have a duplication potential in all European countries. The development proposal includes:
1. A dryDive serious game based on 3D models of Underwater archaeological sites;
2. An AR app that will allow to see in public the same sites;
3. A promotional video of the diving activities available in the pilot sites, which will stimulate the interest in diving tours across the cultural sites in the Med.
MAZI Travel,Atlantis Consulting,Centro Sub Campi Flegrei,Novena d.o.o.,Budva Diving Center,Bashkia Kavajë - Faqja Zyrtare.

MAZI Travel,

Atlantis Consulting,
Centro Sub Campi Flegrei,
Novena d.o.o.,
Budva Diving Center,
Bashkia Kavajë - Faqja Zyrtare.

European CommunityCOSME programme
European Community
COSME programme

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