Calabria, the South and Europe at the time of St. Francis

St. Francis from Paola is the absolute reference in Calabrian popular piety. For this reason, the Calabria Region dedicated him an exhibit at the Cittadella in Catanzaro. The idea proceeded from a question: if it is possible to talk about the Saint detaching him from his miracle-maker chliché and presenting Francesco as a man of his time, as a primary character into the complex politic scene of the XV century but also as an interpreter of the lowly’s needs and a scourge of the mighty’s habits.

The most significant steps and episodes of this long way have been divided into four narrative sections and told by a considerable group of fine figurative operas, printings and engravings collected from museums, parishes and private collectors.

May 2018
May 2018
 Presidenza Regione Calabria Segretariato Regionale MiBACT Calabria
Presidenza Regione Calabria
Segretariato Regionale MiBACT Calabria
Cittadella Regione CalabriaViale EuropaCatanzaro - Calabria
Cittadella Regione Calabria
Viale Europa
Catanzaro - Calabria
Multimedia Exhibit
Multimedia Exhibit

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